About Us

With over 20 years in the industry, D-Cal is known
worldwide. We’re ranked the 2nd largest Calcium Supplement in China and have
won several awards. In fact, just in 2018, D-Cal won First Place in the
category of Vitamins & Minerals by the China Non-Prescription Drug

D-Cal is proud to be manufactured in FDA approved, cGMP
certified facilities in the United States. All D-Cal products are tested and
held up to the pharmaceutical level standards that our parent company, A&Z
Pharmaceutical Inc. sets for all their products, so you can be assured of their
quality and potency.

At D-Cal, our passion is bone health.  Our goal has always been to aid in bone health for the entire family, so we created our original Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements to aid from early childhood through mature adulthood and made them in easy-to-take delivery forms, like chewable vitamins and granules, so that your focus can remain on an active, family lifestyle.

As we’ve grown, D. Cal has incorporated muscle health
supplements and joint supplements for adults, because we realized that even
with the strongest of bones, stiff joints can hinder you from enjoying life.
So, we took our calcium and vitamin D formula, and added premium
ingredients-bringing you new products to hone in on joint support and
inflammation health. For our children’s chewable vitamins, we added more fun
and fruity flavors to appease even the most stubborn of kids, so as they grow
strong, their bones do as well.

At D-Cal, we continue to
make strides, bringing
you award winning formulas, the latest ingredients in bone health, and our
supplements to nourish your bones for generations to come.