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Quatro Action Joint Flex with UC-II®

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We’ve already mastered the bone health formula, so when thinking of line extensions, it was a given that we’d consider something for your joints. Having strong bones will only get you so far if you have stiff joints and a limited range of motion. This is why we sought out UC-II, an undenatured type II form of collagen. With clinical studies to back it, UC-II provides improved joint flexibility and function, as well as a better range of motion. Add that, and Black Pepper extract for absorption, to our Calcium and Vitamin D formula, and you’ve now got yourself the perfect ingredients for an active lifestyle.

UC-II, an undenatured type II form of collagen, provides a greater range of motion, while supporting Joint Flexibility & function.
BioPerine, a black pepper extract, significantly enhances the bioavailability of Calcium & Vitamin D through increased absorption.
Aquamin, from mineralized red algae, provides bone strength, reduces pain & stiffness, and promotes overall wellbeing.
Benefit 1
Promotes greater range of motion, so you can continue enjoying your favorite activities.
Benefit 2
Supports Joint Flexibility & Function.
Benefit 3
Reduces pain & stiffness during and after activities, so that you can remain active longer.


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