Chewable Calcium 600mg with Vitamin D for Kids - Orange Flavor


We take pride in allowing children to have fun while growing strong. Sometimes pills are hard to swallow, especially for children, so we deliver our kid’s calcium with vitamin d supplements in simple-to-take forms, like chewable tablets.  Combine this delivery form in our trademarked elephant shape, with delicious fruit flavors like apple, orange and pineapple, and you’ve got a supplement that children will be excited to take!

Most kids do not get the calcium they need from diets alone. They need calcium to help their bones grow strong & healthy
Vitamin D
With added Vitamin D, the calcium your kids need is better absorbed. This ensures that they get the optimal amount of calcium to their bones!
With other calcium supplements, digestive issues are common. We added Sorbitol to our formula to help ease this!
Benefit 1
These calcium with vitamin d tablets aid in developing maximum bone density, while helping teeth, gums & jawbones remain healthy!*
Benefit 2
Our chewable tablets taste yummy without any added sugar, so you don’t have to trick your kids into being healthy.
Benefit 3
With our fun, colorful, elephant shaped chewable tablets, kids won’t mind taking their daily children’s chewable.


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