Chewable Calcium 300mg with Vitamin D for Kids


Our D-Cal Kids 300 delivers the right amount of Calcium and Vitamin D for young children, and helps them to have fun while being healthy! We know that sometimes kids struggle to take hard pills, so we formulated our kid’s calcium with vitamin d supplements to be chewable. Add yummy fruit flavors, like pineapple, orange, and apple  to our fun elephant shaped tablet, and you’ve got a supplement that children will be excited to take!

Most kids need calcium to help their bones grow strong & healthy, as they do not get the calcium they need from diets alone.
Vitamin D
To ensure that your kids get the right about of calcium to their bones, we added Vitamins D to our formula. This helps the calcium get better absorbed!
Digestive issues are common with other calcium supplements. So, we added Sorbitol to our formula to help diminish the discomfort!
Benefit 1
These calcium with vitamin d tablets help teeth, gums and jawbones remain healthy, while aiding in developing maximum bone density!
Benefit 2
Our chewable tablets are made without any added sugar, yet still yummy! Say goodbye to the days of tricking your kids into being healthy!
Benefit 3
Kids won’t mind taking their daily children’s chewable vitamins with our fun, colorful, elephant shaped chewable tablets.


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