D-Cal Flex Joint with Native Collagen Type II


Our joints function with collagen naturally produced by the body, but as we age, our existing collagen breaks down, making it harder for the body to produce more. Supplementing with D-Cal Flex Joint helps build the collagen levels needed to prevent joint stiffness and pain from injuries, aging, or just daily “wear and tear.” In addition, when the Native Collagen Type II in D-Cal Flex Joint gets absorbed in the gut, it initiates cell-signaling cascades that use the body’s natural repair mechanisms to provide better joint extensions and thus alleviate joint pain.

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Native Collagen Type II
Type II Collagen is the main structural protein in the cartilage and provides tensile strength and toughness to the tissue, which is important to joint health.
Calcium & Vitamin D3
Calcium is needed to grow and maintain strong bones. Along with Vitamin D, Calcium helps develop maximum bone density and bone strength.
Black Pepper Extract
BioperineĀ®, a patented black pepper extract used in the formula, helps to significantly enhance the bioavailability of calcium and Vitamin D.
flex joint supplement facts
Promotes Flexibility
By providing you with a more significant knee extension/range of motion, D-Cal Flex Joint helps you with basic movements such as jumping, running and lifting.
Healthy Bones
Calcium and Vitamin D together aids in making sure your bones remain healthy and strong. As we age, this is important for maintaining an active lifestyle.
Maximum Absorption
We added black pepper extract to the formula, which helps to enhance the bioavailability of calcium and vitamin D and provides increased mineral absorption.


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