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Curcumin Calcium Joint Support


We are always looking to bring D-Cal to the next level. We addressed the issue of joint mobility, but the concern of inflamed joints also arose. Adding Curcumin C3 Reduct™, a standardized extract obtained from the turmeric plant, to our D-Cal formula is our solution to those concerns. By adding C3 Reduct ™, a more bioavailable form of curcumin, this curcumin tablet is then able to support a healthy inflammatory response and joint function. Now you can stay active for longer, while increasing your bone strength too!

Curcumin C3 Reduct allows for greater absorption of Curcumin, which aids in a healthy inflammatory response.
MK-7, a natural K2 complex, aids in depositing calcium directly to your bones, so that they remain healthy and strong.
BioPerine® improves the absorption of Curcumin in your bones by 2,000%, ensuring that you get the right amount of curcumin needed to remain healthy and active.
Benefit 1
This joint support formula allows for greater absorption of Curcumin & Calcium, getting the nutrients you need, straight to the bone!
Benefit 2
Aids in a healthy inflammatory response and joint function, so you can remain active for longer.
Benefit 3
Reduces pain & stiffness during and after activities. Rather than recovering, you can spend your time making memories instead.

2 reviews for Curcumin with Calcium

  1. Jane

    My mom has joint pains on fingers, it got especially worse recently due to the rainy weather. I had her try this together with the UC-II one (she take both for added calcium) for about a week now and she said the pain is really eased and almost not noticeable.

  2. hui li

    Thanks for the recommendation. As a runner I have suffered join pain like many others, this will help me the conquer New York marathon this year

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